After announcing that the Grand Lotto jackpot winner last Nov. 29 still unknown, as he /she has not yet claimed the multi-million prize. Many Lotto fans are regretting with the prize same as for the winner.

Said to be, the winner bet his/her lucky numbers in Royal Duty Free at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) in Olongapo City, Zambales. That’s why some speculates that the winner could be a foreign tourist who might have left the country or could be an employee of SBMA who resides in Pampanga.

Anyway, whoever you are mysterious winner? You still have 11 months to claim your prize because your prize must be claimed within one year of the drawing date.



  1. thanks for the info.. my 1 year pala na grace period ang pagclaim ng lotto…

  2. Mike Santos

    the prize was claimed yesterday by a 60 yr old balikabayan from new york.

  3. Juan

    Hi Mike,

    Yup! got the news. Tnx

  4. Paanu ma claim kung wala naman alam yong tao.,???

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