1. Carlo Mendoza

    The probability of Lotto officials not to get tempted to partake of Lotto jackpot for their own from the standpoint of any applicable science is virtually nil. PCSO are living charmed lives. Money flows in with not a lot of resources to attain this and they have a perfect cover for their shenanigans–CHARITY. Kung meron pang tao diyan sa PCSO na may kakarampot na konsyensya, lumabas na at ibulgar itong mga magnanakaw ng mga dukha.

  2. Carlo Mendoza

    You too Ms. Juico?

  3. regine27

    tama ka mga manloloko sila,walang nanalo sila lng yun mga buwaya na nakapwesto

  4. ichigo

    bakit 3 days na ang draw still 30m pa din ang jackpot price?

  5. Carlo Mendoza

    when the grand lotto was first introduced it only took less than a month for the jackpot to be won–and that came a few days before the recent presidential election. and now for the second jackpot win, how many months did it take? truly, any math or statistics professor will tell you this is bogus.

  6. kirovsky

    inggit lng kayo kc di kayo nanalo!hahaha

  7. samlim64

    …bat nga d sagutin ang tanong n ba’t 3 draws n puro 30m pa din ung prices… fix na ba ‘to???

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