PCSO Lotto fans are kept on asking through online, text messages etc. about lotto hearings, tips and probable numbers. Please don’t believe in this kind of issue and don’t ever believe in any issue with regards to this. No one knows what will be the winning numbers.

PCSO should be fair and very fair in every game they made. As they always say before the live draw “Games are computer-generated, no human intervention. Every draws has a pre-draw procedures to choose which set of balls to be drawn, weighing of balls (all balls must exactly the same weight), machine checking (the machine must work properly) witnessed by the panel of Judges, Chairperson, Commission on Audit representative and PCSO representative covered by video. Only the operation of the remote switch button has human intervention. “

PCSO always promotes clean and honest lotto draw games for fair winning results. Believe it! It’s for all of us. So Guys! Stop negative issues about PCSO. It’s all about LUCK! Just wait for it!