Still the winning Jackpot of P693,229,971.60 in 6/55 Lotto game draw last night November 27 didn’t match any of our lucky numbers. The next draw will be on Nov. 29, 2010 Monday and expected to hit the jackpot for over 700 Million pesos.

Just incase any of us got the mysterious winning numbers for this Grand Lotto and marked as the first highest ever multi-millionaire jackpot won in PCSO history, here are some tips or reminders when you win.

Do’s and don’t when you win

-Do not shout. (Shouting can attrack curiosity to others).
-Be calm so you do not have heart attack.
-Have your signature right away at the back of the winning ticket.
-Do not let your relatives know about your winning. Maybe after many months or a year.
-Store the ticket in a safe place like CD case or books to avoid contaminating or folding it.
-Wear a different shirt when you go and thru to PCSO. This will blind your familiar face.
-Invest and share your blessings.
-Don’t forget to thank GOD.

These are only tips, your discretion is advice. Good luck!




  1. Jasperanza

    Thumbs up!

  2. martin

    i think it will be very hard for us to be able not to shout when you won something that will definitely change your life forever. i think you should just close the windows so no one can hear you especially your neighbors. ^_^

  3. mike

    sharing was the best tip on this list 🙂 whoever wins, hope that person shares it with the people who are “really in need” 🙂

  4. selah

    i dont think wearing a diff shirt so nobody recognizes you will help…;-)

  5. selah

    an advice to whoever wins, HIDE AND GO OUT OF THE COUNTRY

  6. noah

    ok,i will follow your advice .tommorow i will not shout

  7. jerby

    give thanks 2 GOD and sharing of blessings are the best among others….if i won the jackpot i will get the half of the prize only for the future of my family i.e invest a business; and the other half will go to charities as donations and to others in need…lets say ‘hindi m0 ito pinaghirapan kaya ipamahagi m0 sa iba’….honestly mas gusto ko pa na kahit 5 numbers lang ang makuha ok na sa akin….

  8. honeysmom

    i cant imagine winning!i cant imagine being rich! its just so out of this world.

    but what if i will??????????????????????? OMGGGGGGGG!

    This is what makes the lotto so much fun…. the slim chance is open for all…. so we can all dream on.. and try our luck.. Damn the naysayers that the chance is almost zero.. Almost zero is different to zero and we all cling to that one slim chance.. I cant wait for monday…

  9. chris

    hmm if i won that sum of money i will rather deposit it into 3 different banks with 200 million each bank because as i have heard evry 200 million in time deposit status earns 500thousand interest every month so 200×3=600 million=1.5 million evry month ….the rest ill spend for the things that i am always day dreaming about. And of course give some for charity ill be nurturing those children living in the so called CHILD HAUS.. I have a soft spot for children thats why ..hehe. I have no problems in dressing up as a girl when i go out of the pcso office with that sum of money WHO DAMN CARES?:HAHA.

  10. ricky

    Well, If I got the jackpot, first Id like to thank God for such blessings! 100 million will be given to charities, 100 million will be spent for the new grand house, 200 million for business like a franchise for Jollibee, 100 million will go to my neighborhoods and relatives and the remaining will be deposited to the bank. I want to buy 50 different cars. Some also will be spent to build Aetas community and some livelihood program..


  11. Shainna

    If God permits… that i will be the lucky guy, i won’t claim the prize until the chaos is over re: who won? This is for security reasons… palalamigin ko numa ang panahon before making any move, calmly… 😉

  12. Manny

    Guys, i like most of ur reactions especially pertaining to sharing of ur winnings, securing d future of ur family and most of all thanking d almighty God. Winning lotto s very2 hard but its not impossible. Although there are stories that its being rig and manipulated which I believe very much, there are also real and honest draws which I also believe. Sometimes I also try to bet and sharing with you d same hopes and aspirations but using only my extra bucks not sacrificing my needs and d needs of my family coz its just a game of chance. Hope this time we’re betting a fair draw.

    Good luck to us all.

  13. lydia

    ako ang mananalo mamaya…

  14. yojz

    cguro ako n ang mnlo? kc ang numero ay plgi nbtin?

  15. Miguel

    First I will thanks God for the blessing ! Second I will calm myself. Then I will share the news to my wife and make plans.

    Of course priority is my Parish Church where I belong and charitable institutions which I can share my blessing. I will help all my relatives, those who are in dire need of my help and expect no return, I will just make myself unknown to them.

  16. Arkitekt

    Anybody know which room exactly in PCSO you go to claim your prize in case you win? I mean, so you don’t go asking around where to claim the jackpot?

  17. Omega

    The time has come! There’ll be a winner tonight 4 sure. Congrats in advance to d would-be winner. As of ds writing, i already put a duct tape (scotch brand) on my mouth so i can’t shout tonyt. Already borrowed yaya’s dress too 4 tmrw’s disguise. Isa na lang kulang… TICKET! Wala pa ko pantayaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  18. aaaton

    by God’s permit tht i wil win, i thank for it d way He answers my prayers to realize my dreams. he knws my dreams is not all about myself alone. its about helping, sharing, touching others lives for wholesome transformation to mek dem realize that God truly loves dem. that is my real happiness-a source of blessings. i hav to invest it because it is in investments dat wud create jobs n produces income. if evrybody has a job, absolutely crimes minimizes!

  19. dwine

    uulam ako ng manok araw araw, puro texas na mamahalin… sige pati mga kapitbhay ko na rin..

  20. marcus

    Oh , it will be a few minutes more and the draw will commence. Are your hearts pumping faster and you are now glued to the TV, barking irritably when someone bothers you? Relax….. Have you prepared your step by step plan the moment your numbers become the chosen one. So perhaps a part of your plan is to bring the bank account numbers of your closest relative,your children and your favorite charity so if possible you will want to deposit some amount already…just in case.
    Isn’t this fun? lotto outlets has run out of 6/55 lotto bettors sheet. So this afternoon i went to the nearest outlet and i saw a long queue of people buying. I saw one writing his numbers in a peanut envelope, still greasy from the peanut, another a strip of paper from the magazine…. everyone was hopeful . So what will you do with your winnings?
    ….okey, the reason why many winners end up losers is because they were shocked at the newly found blessings and they dont know how to handle it…. Pepito Manaloto was wiser, he found a good financial adviser . So maybe you should go to HSBC and other major commercial banks and ask for a financial adviser/fund manager who would help you manage your funds.

    Of course they can advise you on how to appropriate funds to different charities…so rather than doing it yourself and not being able to sleep…get an experts advice. … this way your money will go a long long way until the next next generation
    Oh yes, dont forget to travel..treat yourself to new sights, new experiences, ….feel what it is to live in a cold country, go see monalisa,the last supper, and be in awe at the beautiful folliage of autumn, disneyland in Japan( they have disney sea too) or florida,ride the fastest train, the fastest rollercoaster, ok…i will stop……. i am just having fun…but seriously… if you win…. do not manage your huge winnings by yourself . see you tomorrow, i hope the winner will come and visit us here.

  21. aldrin

    i guest im the lucky one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ambisyoso at ambisyosa…

  23. Marcus

    congratulations to the NEW MULTIMILLIONAIRE !
    I hope and pray for wisdom for you and yes, peace into your heart.

  24. chay

    Congrats.. nmn sa nanalo… ang ganda nmn ng pamasko niya.. nakakainggit nmn.

    But Only God KNows what the future will bring……!

    goodluck sa lahat…!

  25. honeyly

    dont worry guys madami pa nmang lotto jackpot , sguro hindi pa natin time malay nyo bukas kyo na. kya taya lng ng taya para manalo, ang umaayaw hindi ngwawagi… god know kung kelan nya tayo bibigyan.. miracle

  26. arns

    Money is not the root of all evil….
    Lack of money is the root of all evil…

  27. jenifer

    give me some clue

  28. Anthon

    I love you quote…tama ka and if i may add even thinking that you dont have enough money is also the root of all evil… kasi di ka kontento with what you have…

  29. karlos

    Forgot to mention about the ff:

    1. Wear at least a wig and clear na salamin when you go for claim. Wearing a wig will knock off people taking secret photographs of you. The wearing of a different t-shirt will also help in the process.. This is something like “ay.. kilala ko yung laging nagsusuot ng ganun ah” or something like “.. di ba sapatos ni kwan yun?”

    2. I wouldnt recommend wearing shades since it will be too suspicious. Also, if you have the resources, make sure the glasses you wear will reflect if flash photography is used. Note: use a thick frame as well.

    3. Wear a cheap wristwatch (disposable) on your RIGHT wrist. Subconscious manipulation.

    4. Make your transition as smooth as possible. Separate your earnings on different bank accounts.. or that’s really up to you.

  30. geniu..

    tahimik lang ako pero naka experience na manalo sa lotto…just think of rizal how he won a lottery…if you have a knowledge you have a big change of winning the lottery….think? ….analyze….track….then win……

  31. if i win a lotto jackpot, i’d never go out of the country. i build my own business here and i would help some people behind me. and of course, i thanks god.

  32. manuelito roque

    kelangan ko ng pang kasal ngaun sana tumama namn kahit sa ez to 2o lang namn taya ko 10 20 yan lucky numbre ko

  33. manuelito roque

    150 ph a day natatalo halos 4500 a mont d pa ako tumatama

  34. baby lyn

    anyone, may reward ba if lumabas ang 2 numbers sa lotto?

  35. Juan

    @ baby lyn – sorry wala kapag 2 winning numbers lang

  36. baby lyn

    ilang numbers ba ang kailangan para may reward?

  37. Juan

    @bay lyn – atelast 3 numbers para may consolation prize ka pa din

  38. isabel

    nakakatuwa basahin ang mga comments d2, para sa ‘kin, sana marami manalo sa jackpot para hati-hatian ng mga winners para hindi lang isa o dalawa lang ang masaya di ba?

  39. a_win_to_make_my_life_change

    hi guys kakatuwa mga post dito ng mga lotto bettors.. tnx s blog na 2.. nwey f ako mananalo.. i sekreto ko muna.. papalamigin ko muna 1mos bago claim ang prze… 95% save ko muna after 1mos ska ako mag withdrw… then 3% s pcso and 2% s fave church q.. after a mos kkunin ko ang 20% s bank pra ipasok ang pera s franchising mahilig kse ako mag negosyo bata plang ako negosyante na ako.. tas 5% ibibigay ko s pamilya ko pra makatulong s kanila… the rest 70% safety na s bank… wla imposble mga lotto bettors.. ngaun plang ako tumataya s lotto… hanggang 3 numbers lang ang lumalabas.. pro im still hping na sana. manalo ako pro f not sana manalo ang karapat dapat n gagamitin nea ang pera s kabutihan at ikakaunlad ng buhay nea at ang pamilya nea.. god mrmeng slamat dhl manalo matalo man s lotto swerte prin ako kse i have my winnings god ung binigay mo n GIFT OF LIFE!!! mabuhay lotto bettors!!! mabuhay pcso!!! thank god for all the blessings!!!mangarap ka juan!!!

  40. jonny

    bakit po ang father ko since birth ko po cguro tumataya na sya sa lotto
    and then until now that im 25 at age ni minsan hindi pa nanalo sa lotto…nasayang lang tinataya hehe…….peace po

  41. edwin

    good day to all bettor’s taya lang ng taya para maktulong tayo sa pcso kasi sila ang namamahagi ng tulong sa mga na nganga ilangan.

    Malay mo isa ka sa palaring magwagi.kaya wag mang hinayang sa itataya mo araw araw sa bandang huli ikaw din ang a-ani ng mga itinaya mo.ika nga kanya kanyang suwerti yan sa buhay.

    good luck sa iyong lahat at laging maging masaya tayo sa buhay,basta walang karamdaman sa buhay ay isa ka na ring mayaman na mituturing.

  42. john

    bwisit ang lotto

  43. roger

    mga unggoy ang lotto pinagloloko lang kayo nyan hindi naman totoo yan eh..sils sila rin ang nakikinabang yan sa mga pcso.. gumising nga kayo…. sa katotohanan ibibigay ba ng pcso yan kung pwede naman nila dayahin….helooo..

    kaya mag sumikap na lang kayo wag kayong umasa sa gobyerno and sa lotto….

  44. ARVIN

    Ang lotto ay isang laro na makapag bago ng yung buhay sa isang iglap lang. Ngaun mahirap ka. Bukas hindi ka mka paniwala na mayaman kna. Para bang nag resigned ka bilang mahirap. Ngaun 20 lng pera mo. Bukas milionaire kna. Pag may pera kna walang imposibly. Kung palage kang tumaya pwedeng sa loob ng isang taon paulit ulit kang manalo ng jackpot. Kc walang imposibly. Lahat nang yayari.Ilang beses nku nanalo ng 3 digit. Pangalawa na sa 4 digit. Ang hindi ko pa nasubukan ay ang 5 digit at ska jackpot. Naranasan ko na rin na yung binili kung ticket 6/42. Sarili kung numero at ska lucky pick nandoon lahat ng numero sa jackpot kaso lang nagka hiwalay. Ang 3 numero doon sa sarili kung numero (maintain) ang ibang 3 numero naman doon sa lucky pick.

  45. Adoro me mostrar peladinha na web cam

  46. nhor

    i will just simply say LORD THANK YOU VERY MUCH…..i will share it to the needy….

  47. Sana ako naman ang manalo para matulungan ko mga kapatidng wala

  48. sana ako naman ang manalo

  49. ray

    what if i won the jackpot pero wala akong any valid id? ano ano ba ang mga valid id na accpted ng pcso? will student id be accepted? NBI and Police Clearance?Postal ID? yun lang naman kasi ang madali daling kunin diba?

  50. gha

    ….congratulate mi tonite coz i will win tonite’s jackpot prize, God Bless Us All Dreamers….

  51. Louie

    Wish ko manalo naman ako sa lotto.tagal ko ng nagtataya…para naman maipagamot kona magulang ko

  52. jimmy

    ang panalangin ko at nasa puso ko sana may kasagutan naman Po Panginoon.

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