1. Leviiathan

    7-13. At. 16-9. 10s

  2. kinglafarge

    AlaTsamba mga ka-EZtoers:

    14–31 all Draws

    Good Luck sa Ating lahat.

  3. hp numeros

    Good morning peeps ! my share ,11a.m 30-11-10 gl;gb

  4. Harry_29

    RepostGooooddddd morrrrninnnggggg madlanggggg peopleeeeeee
    Lalo na sa lahatttttng TROOOPAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!Pick 1 or 2
    (25)——-12——-08——-07——-31S/r til nyttttttt
    TODO TAYA SA NAKA CLOSE (PARENTHESIS)Sana maging masaya tayong lahat:)Alwayssss be happppppyyyyG O O D – L U C K @ G O D B L E S S

  5. camilo

    24-5 na sana todo 11am lng

  6. Leviiathan

    Yun uli. 50s

  7. kinglafarge


  8. gem


  9. leviathan

    king sayang taya mo 🙁

  10. leviathan

    yun uli 50s each

  11. Destiny_23

    Good pm,alaga mode pa rin,goodluck and god bless…

    1-29-s/r9-4 s/r8-26 s/r. Thank you…..

  12. 07-21

  13. leviathan

    yun pa rin 10s

  14. Mharie1629

    Bahala na.. best of luck…


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