Few of our regular visitors here in our site sent us messages via e-mail, asking if it’s true about the e-mail they received from strange people with topic that they have won in PCSO Lotto draws. Of-course, obviously it’s not true. Sorry! I’ve deleted the message.

Guys, you will only know if you have won the game by checking your combination numbers in your ticket thru the official results. You can check it on TV during the live draw or in the newspaper, lotto outlet, radio, sometimes on TV news, official PCSO website and other online sites posting the latest Lotto results.

Beware of any Lotto SCAM like this. Your valid ticket is only the answer to any of your questions with regards winning a Lotto draw.

We admitted here in our site that we are not the official site of the PCSO (please read our disclaimer ). We are just here to inspire people to help for government charity by means of betting or buying ticket. We are here also to help you find the latest results in every draw just incase the official site is under maintenance, upgrading, server congestion due to high traffic and other reasons that causes for a site down. Please double check.

We are not promoting any Lotto SCAM. Instead, we are promoting how our government helping people who are in need. Maybe someday you might need a help and don’t hesitate to come to PCSO.

Most especially, we are here to be with your dreams to become a millionaire someday jus like others wishing. But for others, already dream come true.  Who knows? You might be the next lucky winner. Thanks!


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