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  1. otoy

    diamond post na, pang christmas lang……………..

  2. kolokoy

    oWkeY Sir Herms goodluck too. tks

  3. sir,DIAMOND….MAGpost ka naman….

  4. jay

    Pusah! 438 jud me gwas.

  5. kolokoy

    owkie sir herms goodluck too. tks

  6. sselkcerw

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    Best angle for November 28: heres how to manipulate and choose your bet numbers for this 11 am draw:
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  7. inday

    magandang umaga sa lahat!!!

    try ko pairings mo gracia. rambol lang muna ..sana manalo ako nakssss

    win or lose ..walang sisihan dahil ginusto ko to.nakssss


    as is ang mga menten ko

  8. inday

    good morning maam juan and to all sitemates

  9. proninoy

    709 for 11am its ninoy’s 79th birthday….

  10. proninoy

    go 709 79 birthday ni ninoy kahapon

  11. proninoy

    go 148 it is andres bonifacios 148 birthday sa wednesday

  12. proninoy

    148 maintain po tayo for andres bonifacio our heros 148 birthday

  13. onsa resul

  14. twinkle

    good morning sa lahat!

  15. twinkle

    unsa result? paki post please

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