1. R_X_1

    Hey guys gud morning!!!

  2. Gd am to all
    Pls i need advice how to get help pcso
    I have my brothere now living in province he is in critical condition
    I dont what im doing im realy affected this situation.
    His urine is dark blood and his stomuck is geting bigger
    I want to help him but it because of financial.problem we are very poor
    No permnent job.
    So that pls ,,kong konsa to naay malomo kasing2x pls i need help
    Para maka uli me sa.amoa provincia parĂ¡ sa akong broher nga
    Naglisod karon dili makatolon ug kan,on loya na kaau,
    Daghang salamat pls im waitng to all.reply ,,09326200394

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