1. john

    I bet 1200 pesos for 6/45 but then I just had 2 numbers. Cguro nga hindi para sa’yo hindi sayo. Ganun tlga ang buhay. life is good life is bad. Goodluck sa mga tumataya! happy new year everyone. Happy new year to the owner of this website! keep it up! God bless


    May i request you to please post: right after the winning #s if the jackpot for the particular draw has been won. Better for us agents to see report/s so, we could update our bettors….. Thanks a lot!

  3. Ghian Troy Cuchon

    Hi, there. Im a new guy in lotto, please tell me how you know the other number combinations if you only indicated 5 (five) number combinations on the ticket stub? How will I know if the other number combinations win if I dont have it. I am talking about playing 5R LP. I will appreciate your quick reply.

    Thanks Ghian

  4. Mike Santos

    @ ghian – if you’re playing the 5R and you got the 5 numbers correctly, you automatically win the jackpot because all the other numbers are combined with the 5 numbers you choose.

  5. Ghian Troy Cuchon

    Thanks a lot Mr. Santos appreciated. God Bless mate.

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