1. superlolo

    meron ako.

  2. I hope this time it goes up to 800 M

  3. picolo

    Me regla kb superlolo???

  4. lol

  5. Rey

    just a question guys. I hope I can get an answer from someone who knows better about the lotto payoff system.

    is it right if I say that a 6/49 and 6/55 lotto will pay the same if I get 3 numbers right in system 7?

    Thank you guys…

  6. picolo

    sabe s outlet me nanalo daw taga romblon….. nu b talaga??….

  7. mylene

    ayuko ng magtry!

  8. Rey

    tanong lang mga kaibigan. ang 6/49 at 6/55 lotto ay pareho ba ang payoff nila sa system 7 kung nakakuha ka ng tatlong numbers? pareho ang worth per ticket so dapat pareho rin ang amount ng balik taya. ganun ba yon? or eba-base nila sa laki ng premyo ng bawat isa? pakisagot lang po. maraming salamat.

  9. Carlo Mendoza

    Na-harvest na rin!

    No, Lotto 6/55 will not reach 800M ever–not even 500M. Nag-pagana lang ng simula at sila sila rin ang kumuha.

  10. orlando villola

    sa 7 system Kung 3 number nakuha mo sa 6/55 meron kang 600
    at 400 naman sa 6/49

  11. vitoy

    Baka niLUTO na yan!

  12. Mike Santos

    @ rey- orlando is right.P100 ang consolation for 3 numbers sa 6/49 at P150 sa 6/55.you got 4 combinations in system 7.

  13. John

    question lang mga guys, pag tumaya kaba ng system 7 it means ba na you are entitled for the 7 games in lotto o one play lang yun?..hope anyone can help me?..thanks

  14. Mike Santos

    @ john- system 7 means you can play only in 1 draw but you can choose 7 numbers and you have 7 combinations for that draw.but you have the option of playing it in multiple draws.

  15. Rey

    🙂 thank you to all who responded on my inquiry. but nobody hit the proper answer for it. Let me say this. I am from abroad and I am paying somebody here in PI to make the bet for me based on the numbers I provide. anyway, on Dec. 22, 2010 for 6/55 drawing I bet on a system 7 and I got 3 combination right. The person betting for me told me that she got php 400.00 for it. and on the second to the last draw on the recent draw for 6/49, I got also 3 combination right in a system 7 bet, I got php 160. for it. now if this is a balik taya only, isn’t that they should both have same amount I get? I think, the Php 160.00 is correct but I kind of doubt about the 6/55 if I can get 400.00 for it. is should be the same since they cost the same per ticket. so the amount by doing the calculation, both should be Php 160.00 and they are not based on how much is the prize or jackpot prize. That’s the one I want to make certain of. I wish somebody from PCSO will give a better input.

  16. Mike Santos

    @ rey- consolation prizes are fixed amount.for 6/49, if you got 3 numbers correctly, the prize is P100.since you are playing the system 7, out of the 7 combinations you have,4 are winning combintations.so,P100x4 winning combinations=P400.for 6/55, the consolation for 3 numbers is P150.so P150x4 winning combinations=P600

  17. John

    @rey..thanks pare, at least now i have an idea on how to play the system 7..

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