1. nette

    haaaaay lahat cla sa 6/55 naka sentro wla n nag comment dito… me winner pa hehehe congrats

  2. Nagtatanong Lang Po

    Ako talaga naniniwala na ang pagpanalo mo sa Lotto, yan ay mangyayari kung ikaw talaga ang papalarin na mabigyan ng nasa itaas na makakuha ng tamang combination at manalo. Ika nga, kung para sayo yan, then, para sayo talaga yan, maging sino ka man. Kung di para sayo yan, no amount of prayers or promises to God that you will even give half of your winnings back to charity or to people who are in need will be enough to guarantee you that you will be the next winner.

  3. lala

    The 3 Kinds of Luck

    Heaven Luck
    Heaven Luck is preordained and cannot be changed. In a nutshell, heaven luck will determine when you are born, the location, as well as which family you are born into. Thus, our life to some extent is determined by the day, time and place we were born whether we like it or not. Our parents and the country of birth will affect the quality of our life. The pattern of our luck cycles follows a predictable and logical pattern and not on a random basis. The state of our luck will affect our endeavors and quality of life at a particular point in time and not be the same throughout our life.

    Earth Luck
    Earth luck relates to the kind of luck affected by our surroundings. Of course, we will not be able to make much change to the major scope of our environment. On a broader context, we can include the social, political and economic condition of the country and environment where one works at and this will affect quality of life. A more prosperous, stable and safe country with a cleaner or better environment will enhance one’s quality of life. Likewise, a poorer, politically unstable, war-torn country, or a dirtier environment will affect one’s quality of life. Again, even the physical landscape of our surroundings will play a part in the landscape feng shui of our surroundings.

    Mankind Luck
    Mankind luck is created by our behavior, our attitude towards life, as well as the choices that we make along this journey of life. There should not be any doubt that personal effort can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Many people from poorer backgrounds or in a disadvantageous position have turned around their quality of life thru their efforts and attitude towards life. There are many stories of people who have become very successful even though they started off life in a somewhat unfavorable position. Yet there are also many stories of frustrated geniuses that did not make it, despite being given every advantage in life.

  4. misteryoso

    @Nagtatanong Lang Po


  5. francism

    @Nagtatanong Lang Po – Agree ako sa ‘yo!

  6. @Nagtatanong Lang Po—super like ako sayo….

  7. Pitoy

    @Nagtatanong Lang Po ::
    Amen to that ……..

  8. botong

    sana next time ako naman.. πŸ™‚

  9. kangawad

    objection your honor!
    ur manifestation is inmaterial n irrelevant for LUCK of merit..
    nyaaahahahah πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. asakapa

    @nagtatanong and lala….we just need numbers, pls share… weehhh!!!

  11. unlucky

    … goodluck to us dreamers!!

  12. palos

    apo nagswerte dan aya…nabayagak nga agtaytaya…jak pay mangabak apo aya

  13. Collino

    just got 5 winning numbers. nakuha ko 3 imbes na 33. sana next time jackpot na.

  14. Ulysses

    My goodness baliktad,ito tinaya ko sa 6/55,sablay lang wala akong 33

  15. anak

    tayo nman s susunod taya lang taya hahahaha

  16. ceddie

    tatlo nakuha ko…. kaya lang sa 6 55 ko tinayaan… huhuhuhu… wala na ako pantaya…

  17. gtg

    try nyo eto mga dudes..


  18. cuevas

    kangawad are u a council for defense??

  19. Pitoy

    @ kangawag ::
    Lashing ka na naman yata ?? wag kasi hik !! iinom … Hik …. saan na ba ang tagay ???

  20. Pitoy

    Parehong tiga Rizal pala nakakuha ng 6/45 at 6/55 …. makalipat nga ng tirahan doon …hehehehe …

  21. kangawad

    i’m not a council, i’m councillor of bngy. 642
    and u, are u related to a certain justice?? πŸ™‚

    @pitoy may bahay ko duon sa tayatay rizal, pina upahan ko lng, baka yung tenanat ko na ang tumama, makabalita nga… nyaaaahahahah

  22. mike

    swerte nga nman!

  23. kangawad

    9 45 25 37
    21 27 5 15
    34 35 36 ???
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  24. asakapa

    02 29 31

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