Hot & Cold Numbers March 2011

Grand 6/55

1x3 2x3 3 4 5x1 6x1 7x2 8x1 9x3 10 11 12x3 13x1 14x1 15x1 16x2 17x2 18x2 19x2 20 21
22x1 23 24 25x1 26x4 27x1 28x1 29x3 30 31x3 32x2 33 34x2 35x3 36x1 37x1 38
39x2 40 41 42x1 43x2 44x1 45x3 46x2 47x1 48x2 49 50x3 51x1 52x1 53x3 54x2 55x3

Super 6/49

1x3 2x1 3x2 4x1 5x5 6x1 7x3 8x1 9x1 10x2 11x2 12x1 13x1 14x3 15 16x1 17x4 18 19x3 20x3
21x1 22 23x3 24x2 25x2 26x2 27x2 28x3 29x2 30 31 32x1 33x2 34 35x1 36x4
x4 38 39x1 40x4 41x2 42x1 43x1 44x2 45 46x2 47x2 48x1 49x1

Mega 6/45

1x5 2x1 3x2 4x2 5x2 6x2 7 8x2 9x1 10 11 12x2 13 14x2 15x2 16x2 17x1
18x3 19x4 20 21x1 22x1 23x1 24x3 25x3 26x2 27x2 28x3 29 30x3 31x4
x3 33x1 34x2 35 36x2 37x1 38x1 39x3 40x3 41x1 42x1 43x1 44x2 45x1

Lotto 6/42

1x1 2 3x2 4x3 5x3 6x2 7x2 8x3 9x1 10x2 11x1 12x3 13x1 14x1 15x4 16x1 17x1
x1 19x3 20x4 21x6 22x2 23x4 24x1 25x1 26x1 27x2 28x1 29x2 30x1 31x2
32x1 33x2 34x2 35x2 36 37x3 38x3 39x2 40x3 41 42x4

*Indicates here how many times the hot numbers showed in the winning results.
*Numbers in blue color means, only once showed in the winning results.
*Numbers in green color means, twice or more showed in the winning results.
*Numbers in red color means, twice or more showed in the winning results plus winning numbers with winners.
*Numbers in black color means, cold numbers (never showed in the winning results).

Note: These are not Lotto tips, hearings or probables to bet for sure winning number. These are only history number of hits that showed very often (hot number), seldom or never showed (cold number) in the winning draw results.


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