1. jonghits

    awan manen,haisssssssssssss

  2. jay

    sa 6/42 26-28-30 sa 6/49 25-27-29 straight………………..

  3. Nagtatanong lang po

    Although I understand, accept and agree on the principles of random numbers sampling, again, I just want to say this. Bilib talaga ako sa Philippine lotto draws when it comes to beating the odds pag dating sa mga results ng winning numbers combinations. Like tonights draw, sa 6/42, 26,28, 30 at sa 6/49 naman, 23, 25, 27, 29. Not that you do not believe that it can actually happen nor do you doubt on the fool proofness of the actual draws pero siempre you do start to raise questions. As my name suggests, ako naman po ay nagtatanong lang. I hope my comment gets printed or posted. Thanks.

  4. noel isidro

    Haay naku po ka Indo!ala n naman.

  5. mitch

    thanks nkaapat ako!

  6. mike

    i dont know… kahapon when i came sa office an officemate gave me a fortune cookie and when i open it it has this numbers.. tinaya ko yung numbers sa 6/49. the cookie gave me 7 numbers kaya yung 1st seven tinaya ko. and its my 1st time tumaya and i won. d ko akalain kasi nga yung numbers magkaka dikit. this is unbelievable. got 4 out of 6 numbers

  7. awan pay nasyaat

  8. Ulysses

    @Nagtatanonglangpo, I sympathize with you,

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