The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) will be launching the POWER LOTTO draw this month.

The minimum jackpot prize starts at 50 Million Pesos. Wow!

The Power Lotto will costs 50 pesos per play (bet). You can play the game by using two panels to place bets. The
first panel has numbers 1 to 55. While the second panel has numbers 1 to 10. The player must choose five numbers correctly from the first panel and one number from the second to won the jackpot prize.

It’s quite difficult or small chances of winning than the existing Super Lotto 6/49 but for me, I know that PCSO give us chances of winning to make our lives in progress but the most important here is how the Philippine government help other people who are in need and their proceeds contribute to our economy out of this good project.

Thanks & Good Luck!


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